Firm Profile

GOODE VAN SLYKE Architecture (GVSA) is a success story fueled by a steadily increasing number of projects with a cumulative construction value of over $450 million.  A spirit of entrepreneurship, task-oriented diligence and an ability to deliver are balanced with a discerning design attitude.  These traits are not only a cause for GVSA’s existence, but also a means by which GVSA has successfully satisfied its clientele.

GVSA’s goal is simple – to be a great architectural firm and improve the environment that we all share.  GVSA has assumed a strong and growing presence in the Atlanta arena.  This status has been achieved by producing quality work.  This high level of quality results from GVSA’s partners, Christopher Goode and Paul Van Slyke, maintaining direct hands-on project involvement.  GVSA also attributes much of its success to its conviction and ability to customize the project delivery process to best meet each user’s individual needs.  This conviction is facilitated by GVSA’s fluency with technology.

The founding partners of GVSA combined their diverse capabilities and talents to create a new company that can design and manage various types and scales of projects.  This diversity allows GVSA to address the various aspects of the architectural profession from conceptual design to scheduling and budgeting, and to employ creative problem-solving techniques to a variety of project types.  Evidence of this ability is manifest in GVSA’s active project list.  Included in this list are projects that vary in construction scale from the $34 million Northyards Business Park to a $20 million DeKalb County Performing Arts Center; and projects that vary in building type from the Savannah Civil Rights Museum to a high-tech addition for the University of Georgia Ecology Labs.  These examples exemplify GVSA’s capability to tailor its design, production and management techniques to meet each client’s particular needs for each specific project.

GOODE VAN SLYKE Architecture is a growing firm that has been fully computer automated from the very beginning.  GVSA’s computer orientation is fostered in its leadership and is proliferated by its staff.  Chris Goode and Paul Van Slyke were both an active part of developing a 100% computer -oriented environment.  Successful production of construction document packages on projects that are both large and complicated is evidenced in the actual completed construction of GVSA designs.

Our role as architects and planners is to be especially good listeners who can understand the needs of many different users.  Listening begins at the onset of the project during predesign services, such as programming and feasibility studies and continues throughout the process as the design and ultimately construction take shape.