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Photo Feature Spotlights GVSA’s Tiny Park

The Buckhead Reporter newspaper recently featured two photos of GVSA’s entry in the “Big PATH, Tiny Parks” exhibit. Livable Buckhead and Tiny Doors ATL hosted the event on PATH400 to highlight the importance of urban greenspace. GVSA’s park featured a river, zipline, rustic tower and outdoor amphitheater. About 40 local businesses and organizations built parks that measure 14 by 18 inches. Participants included residents, local organizations and sponsors, including GVSA.

GVSA Sponsors Big PATH or Tiny Parks

GVSA is among the sponsors of the Tiny Parks exhibit presented by Livable Buckhead and Tiny Doors ATL. The October 16-18 event is an immersion experience of tiny parks along PATH400 near Old Ivy Park in Buckhead. Forty groups and businesses created parks measuring 14 by 18 inches to show the value of greenspace, no matter how small. GVSA’s sponsorship reflects the firm’s commitment to creativity, sustainability, and community service. For more information, check out the coverage in the Atlanta Journal Constitution or visit LivableBuckhead.com.