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GVSA Aviation Studio

GVSA is an innovative, award-winning architectural firm. Since our inception we have earned a reputation for being good listeners and having the ability to take programs beyond their perceived limits during design. We have built a portfolio of work based on the value of doing good work through good design with exceptional service. GVSA has become notable for creative thinking, quick delivery, flexibility of service and an ability to really hear the needs of the client and end-user. Our extensive portfolio spans various sectors, demonstrating our deep expertise and commitment to excellence in each project, including our specialized work in the aviation sector. Our portfolio includes a diverse range of aviation projects, from commercial airports to private airstrips. We prioritize functionality, safety, and passenger experience in every design.

Norris Hunt, Director of Aviation and Special Projects – With 41 years of experience, Norris excels in managing diverse architectural projects, from aviation to mixed-use developments. His attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction ensure the highest quality outcomes.

Kelvin Hall, Associate Director of Aviation and Special Projects – Kelvin has 28 years of experience in design, production, and project management across various architectural sectors including aviation and mission critical. He emphasizes constant communication with all involved in the project, ensuring successful project outcomes.

Check out the video of the Concourse D module move here.