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The Arts Center at Spelman College

09 December 2021

A media outlet for the arts in Atlanta covered the design for the new Center for Innovation and the Arts at Spelman College. Goode Van Slyke is the associate architect on the project with lead architect Studio Gang. ARTSATL describes how a gift from LaTanya Richard Jackson, her husband Samuel L. Jackson, and other philanthropists allowed for new construction and renovation on the campus of the historically black liberal arts college for women.


GVSA Helps Design Innovation and the Arts Center at Spelman College

The Center for Innovation and the Arts is expected to house all the college’s performing arts disciplines under one roof. It is set for completion in 2024.


GVSA has a long history of designing performing arts venues and university buildings. Completed projects include DeKalb County’s Sanford Performing Arts & Community Center; The Bainbridge College River Regional Center; the Health, PE, and Recreation Center at Ga. Southwestern University; and the Living Learning Center at Savannah State University. Projects currently underway include aspects of the new Savannah Arena and the new James Brown Arena in Augusta.

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