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Athens Classic Center Expansion

The expansion of one of Georgia’s most notable exhibition and conference centers in Athens represents a significant development in the region. This expansion project encompasses various critical components, including the expansion of the existing performance hall, ballrooms, and exhibit spaces within the facility. These enhancements suggest an ambition to accommodate larger and more diverse events, ranging from concerts and theatrical performances to conferences and exhibitions.

One of the standout features of this expansion is the creation of a large featured atrium space, which is designed to be versatile and suitable for a wide range of events. This atrium adds flexibility to the center’s offerings and can serve as a hub for receptions, networking events, and exhibitions. To further enhance connectivity and accessibility, a new pedestrian bridge would link these newly expanded components above to the existing Foundry building.

What sets this project apart is the inclusive approach taken during its planning and design. GVSA conducted multiple community outreach sessions with Athens downtown stakeholders. These sessions provided a platform for the local community to contribute their insights and preferences to the project’s direction. The input received from these sessions has been not only embraced but also factored into the building program. This collaborative process has come to be recognized as a key foundation for the project’s successful design, reflecting a commitment to aligning the expansion with the needs and aspirations of the Athens community. This expansion promises to elevate the center’s role as a hub for events and gatherings, benefiting both the local community and the broader region.

  • Location
  • Athens, Georgia
  • Client
  • Classic Center Authority
  • Size
  • 134,000 sf
  • Cost
  • $22,200,000
  • Team
  • GVSA associate to SRSSA
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