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Atlanta Gas Light Business Center Marietta Branch

Building on the success of the Atlanta Regional Business Center and programming studies for two additional Regional Business Centers, Atlanta Gas light hired Goode Van Slyke to design a new facility for their Marietta, Georgia district.

The design of the Atlanta Regional Business Center for Atlanta Gas Light Company was intricately tied to the essence of natural gas and the specifics of its site. Grounded in the fundamentals of the natural gas industry, the project sought to express what the company provides. The site itself played a pivotal role in determining the orientation and layout of the building structures. However, the design went further by delving into the very nature of natural gas formation, where compression over time is key. This concept of compression was ingeniously woven into various facets of the design. Structural elements were harnessed to visually manifest compression through the force of gravity. Building forms, materials, color schemes, and formal arrangements were carefully chosen to evoke a sense of pressure and force. Even within the interior spaces, users traversed through an intentional sequence that mimicked compression and release, creating a unique and immersive experience. In essence, the Atlanta Regional Business Center’s design transcended functionality, becoming a symbolic representation of the company’s core product and the processes that give rise to it.

  • Location
  • Marietta, Georgia
  • Client
  • Southern Company Gas
  • Size
  • 24,468 sq ft
  • Cost
  • Withheld
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