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Cathedral Towers

Cathedral Towers is a notable residential tower, standing at a height of fourteen stories, and originally constructed in 1979. The tower houses a total of one hundred and ninety-five 1-Bedroom units, and it has now entered a comprehensive rehabilitation project. This endeavor encompasses a wide range of upgrades and renovations aimed at enhancing both the interior and exterior aspects of the building.

The rehabilitation project will begin with the rejuvenation of the tower’s interior finishes, breathing new life into living spaces, hallways, and common areas. Simultaneously, the exterior façade of the tower will undergo essential maintenance to ensure its structural integrity and aesthetics are preserved.

One of the most substantial aspects of this project is the improvement of building and dwelling unit systems. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems will be modernized to enhance comfort and energy efficiency. Electrical systems and plumbing will also receive upgrades, ensuring that residents have access to reliable and modern utilities.

In addition to these system upgrades, each of the one-bedroom dwelling units will undergo a transformation. New appliances will be installed, improving the functionality and energy efficiency of each unit. New plumbing fixtures will enhance water conservation and convenience. Fresh painting and flooring will breathe new life into the living spaces, creating a more modern and welcoming atmosphere for residents.

Not limited to the interior, the project will also encompass the first-floor amenities and staff support areas. These spaces will be reconfigured to maximize their functionality and aesthetic appeal, offering a more pleasant and efficient experience for both residents and staff.

Despite these extensive renovations, the project also recognizes the importance of maintaining the outdoor spaces. The stage, beautiful gardenscape, and resident-built gazebo will remain integral components of Cathedral Towers, offering residents opportunities for recreation and community engagement.

In summary, Cathedral Towers’ rehabilitation project is a comprehensive initiative aimed at modernizing and improving the tower’s infrastructure and living spaces. It seeks to provide a better quality of life for its residents while preserving key outdoor amenities that contribute to the community’s well-being.

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