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Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue is an ambitious urban development project occupying a three-block, eleven-acre site strategically located in close proximity to several lively downtown districts. The project’s thoughtful planning involves a deliberate scaling down of density as it approaches the north and west edges, ensuring a harmonious transition with adjacent single-family homes. Electric Avenue’s primary objective is to offer a diverse range of retail and entertainment opportunities, catering to the needs of both the existing neighborhood and visitors. Furthermore, it aspires to act as a catalyst for the underserved Vine City community by not only providing essential retail and services but also generating new employment prospects. As a testament to its commitment to sustainability, the project embraces green building practices, incorporating environmentally responsible buildings and green spaces. Electric Avenue’s design adheres to New Urbanist principles, fostering a walkable community that bolsters the surrounding neighborhood and establishes vital urban connections among multiple nearby activity areas. Electric Avenue represents a visionary and community-centric initiative poised to revitalize and elevate its urban surroundings.

  • Location
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Client
  • Jay Cee Development
  • Size
  • 580,000 sf
  • Cost
  • $150,000,000
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