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Irwin Street Townhomes

GVSA was commissioned to create a range of architectural styles for a new development in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, which includes townhomes, multi-level residential buildings, and street-side retail spaces. The goal was to explore various design concepts, ranging from contemporary modern to more traditional styles, in order to determine which architectural direction would be the most suitable for the project based on community feedback.

After conducting several neighborhood meetings, it was determined that a more traditional architectural style would be the most appropriate choice for the development, given its immediate surroundings and the preferences of the community.

This decision highlights the importance of community engagement and input in the design and development of projects, especially when they are located in established neighborhoods with their own unique architectural character.

  • Location
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Client
  • Larry Hanes
  • Size
  • 8 units
  • Cost
  • $2,250,000
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