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Marriott SpringHill Suites at Gateway Center

The Gateway Center SpringHill Suites strategically situates itself next to a newly constructed 7,300-car parking deck and automated people mover, making it a convenient choice for travelers utilizing these facilities. Although categorized as a limited-service hotel, it sets itself apart through its commitment to elevated design and architectural finesse. It spans six floors, with the ground level dedicated to guest services, featuring a welcoming reception area and lobby. Notably, the hotel offers an indoor pool with a complimentary outdoor patio, giving guests a versatile leisure experience. The architectural ingenuity shines through the use of a tensile fabric canopy, adding a contemporary touch. Moreover, the facade incorporates an exterior wood application to strike a harmonious balance between modern aesthetics and a warm, inviting ambiance. Overall, the Gateway Center SpringHill Suites aims to cater to travelers seeking a refined yet convenient lodging option that combines modern amenities with architectural charm.


  • Location
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Client
  • Grove Street Partners
  • Size
  • 88,500 sf
  • Cost
  • $14,250,000