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One Centennial Yards

The A4 Parcel is an office tower and greenspace for the massive Centennial Yards development in downtown Atlanta. Helping to define Centennial Yards as the new heart of Atlanta, the project will be built around themes of wellness and nature, providing connections back to the city for both work and play. The building contains 500,000sf of creative office space with an additional 20,000sf of amenity areas. There are sixteen floors of office over 13 floors of parking, for a total of twenty-eight floors and a height of 420 feet.

Situated on the edge of the Centennial Yards development closest to the commercial corridor on Marietta Street, the office tower is one of the tallest structures envisioned in the master plan. The lobby level aligns with the existing elevated viaduct on Ted Turner Drive, with parking and building services below. At the street level, the monumental lobby and restaurant tenant space open directly on to a proposed park, and roof decks at multiple levels provide additional outdoor access. The 2.3-acre park is an elevated active greenspace that spans over the existing railroad and MARTA tracks to connect to the Five Points MARTA station on Forsyth Street.  The park will be the primary outdoor gathering space for the entire Centennial Yards development.

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  • Atlanta, Georgia
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  • CIM Group
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  • 501,757 sq ft
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  • VSA associate to SOM
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