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Barge Road Senior Tower

The renovation of Barge Road Tower presents an exciting opportunity to enhance the quality of life for its senior residents. Our design approach is centered on creating a welcoming and functional living space. To improve accessibility and convenience, we will introduce a new porte cochere at the building’s entrance, combining elegance with practicality. The 129 one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments will undergo a transformation, featuring upgraded plumbing fixtures, appliances, and finishes to offer modern, comfortable living spaces. Recognizing the unique needs of the senior residents, we are committed to enhancing accessibility throughout the property, incorporating features like ramps and handrails.

The existing onsite amenities, including the Community Room, Computer Room, Fitness Room, Community Garden, and outdoor patio and grilling areas, will be retained and, where necessary, improved to foster a sense of community and provide spaces for socialization and relaxation. In addition, we will introduce new seating areas on each floor, encouraging interaction and providing comfortable spots for rest or conversation. The addition of an Arts & Crafts Room demonstrates our commitment to enriching residents’ lives by providing a creative outlet for artistic pursuits. Throughout this project, we aim to balance functionality, aesthetics, and affordability, ensuring that the Barge Road Tower remains a place that residents are proud to call home, where they can thrive, connect, and enjoy a comfortable, inclusive environment.

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