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Stadium District Master Plan

As an urban form, Atlanta is for the most part a product of individual, unconnected efforts. It is an opportune time to link areas of significance in order to create walkable business, entertainment and residential areas. This linkage can be made via greenways and walkable paths without impeding on the vehicular traffic. In fact this can lessen the traffic by linking these pathways to mass transit hubs. GVSA’s approach to this opportunity is to link three principal areas of activity: the Mercedes Benz Stadium and the surrounding entertainment district, Underground and the soon to be redeveloped Gulch, and Centennial Park and all the surrounding cultural and tourist activities. Additionally, with the demolition of the Georgia Dome and the fact that the dome floor is 35’ below Northside Drive, there is another tremendous opportunity to continue this greenway under Northside Drive and extend it to the west side allowing this to truly become a TOD, entertainment district.

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  • Atlanta, Georgia
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