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Amana Academy Charter School Bioswale

Amana Academy Charter School in Alpharetta, GA is taking an innovative approach to transform their existing parking lot into a more functional and educational space. Here’s a breakdown of the project:

  1. Bioswale (Phase 1): The school is starting with a 60′ x 60′ bioswale. A bioswale is a landscape feature designed to manage stormwater runoff by using vegetation and soil to remove pollutants. In this case, it serves a dual purpose by providing an outdoor learning space. The bioswale includes native plants and a drainage system to collect and filter rainwater.
  2. Bridge: To span the bioswale north to south, a bridge was constructed. This bridge will not only be a functional pathway but also a part of the outdoor classroom. Integrated benches on the bridge make it a comfortable space for students and teachers to gather for lessons and observations related to nature.
  3. Outdoor Classroom: The bioswale and bridge will serve as an extension of the classroom, allowing students to learn about nature in a hands-on environment. This space can be used for various STEM-related activities and lessons.
  4. Active Lawn: Beyond the bioswale, an active lawn was established. This area can be used for recreational activities, group discussions, and outdoor events. It adds a green space element to the school campus.
  5. Stage: The addition of a stage suggests that the outdoor space can also be used for performances, presentations, and other school events.
  6. Concrete Step/Bench Seating: Integrated concrete steps and benches provide seating for students and visitors. These can be used for gatherings, lectures, or as a place to relax and enjoy the surroundings.
  7. New Trees: Planting new trees not only enhances the aesthetics of the area but also contributes to environmental sustainability and provides opportunities for nature-based education.
  8. New Striping Layout: The striping layout in the parking lot will be reconfigured to improve pick-up and drop-off procedures, ensuring safety and efficiency for students and parents.

The transformation of the parking lot at Amana Academy Charter School into a multi-functional, outdoor educational space is an exciting initiative. It not only creates an attractive and sustainable environment but also aligns with the school’s STEM focus by providing opportunities for hands-on learning and engagement with nature.

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  • Alpharetta, Georgia
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  • Amana Academy
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