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Stone Mountain Middle School

The new Stone Mountain Middle School is a modern and well-designed educational institution that caters to the needs of its students and staff. With 80 classrooms and a capacity for 1,300 students, it offers ample space for learning. The school’s layout, centered around a courtyard and a connecting bridge, facilitates easy navigation throughout the campus. A three-story classroom wing, along with specialized classrooms for the arts and sciences, ensures a comprehensive and diverse curriculum.

In addition to academic facilities, the school provides numerous recreational opportunities, including a gymnasium, tennis courts, ball fields, and areas for track and field activities, promoting physical fitness and sports engagement. The presence of a full cafeteria and a media center underscores its commitment to providing students with access to nutritious meals and technological resources.

The central courtyard serves as a valuable outdoor gathering space, perfect for events and relaxation. Furthermore, the fully conditioned pedestrian bridge enhances safety and convenience for students and staff moving around the school. The school’s attention to separate drop-off areas for buses and cars prioritizes safety and ensures an efficient flow of traffic during arrival and dismissal times. Overall, the new Stone Mountain Middle School is designed to offer a holistic and enriching educational experience.

  • Location
  • Stone Mountain, Georgia
  • Client
  • Dekalb County Schools
  • Size
  • 165,000 sf
  • Cost
  • $21,000,000
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