Chris Goode, AIA


Co-founder and Marketing Director of GVSA, Chris is dedicated to client relations while also actively participating in providing design direction and critique to many ongoing projects. Chris has over thirty years of experience as an architect and enjoys sketching out initial concepts for various building types from middle schools to performing arts centers and more. 

He is excellent at hearing what owner’s and end-user’s wants and needs are, and converting those conversations into fundamental design tenets for the resultant architecture and design in multiple project types. GVSA takes great pride in bringing positive surprises to the design process and this begins with really hearing and connecting with the client at the beginning of the project that Chris excels at.

Paul Van Slyke, AIA


Co-founder and Managing Partner of GVSA, Paul provides firm leadership and global directives that better respond to clients with continued growth of the firm. Paul has directed many of GVSA’s project success stories including the recently completed Mercedes Benz Stadium. He has also established design direction for both, building projects and master planning initiatives. Paul’s programming, planning and design strengths have been employed on multiple project types including mixed-use, multi-family, performing arts centers, k-12 and university realms, as well as others.

Architectural design and urban planning have been a passion of Paul’s early on, and he continues this focus today through his daily efforts with the firm and other outside organizations as well. He has long been a member of the Congress for New Urbanism and is a Founding Member of the Atlanta Chapter. When it comes to K-12, Paul has led the firm in research and design of, “innovative environments for innovative teaching techniques”. In this way, he feels he can affect the community in a truly positive manner.

Steve Denton, AIA, LEED


Steve handles general office duties serving as a central operational hub for the firm. He has over twenty years of experience in multiple project types from multi-family to healthcare, university architecture, and more. Steve is facile with design and technical issues and mentoring of fellow GVSA team members. He also leads our programming efforts which has recently included the Regional Business Center for the Southern Company Gas – a flagship project for this large corporate institution. Steve gracefully brings together the project’s concept and technicalities while making sure it’s program is fully realized in the final architecture. He managed a very intense delivery of a major portion of the Mercedes Benz Stadium including 300,000 sf of the event levels, plus 55,000 sf of executive offices for the Arthur M Blank Sports & Entertainment corporate headquarters located within the stadium complex. A project that was not only complicated and fast moving but also included many high-design elements.

Ron Wootton, AIA


Ron provides GVSA with an excellent and rare resource via his forty-plus years of experience with multiple building types, including a focus on urban planning, feasibility studies, and multi-family housing. He also continues to successfully handle GVSA’s many adaptive re-use projects. Ron has established a strong niche for giving very personable care to our owner’s needs on their fast-moving adaptive renovated projects. 

Brian Peterka, AIA


Brian provides strong leadership as a Project Architect. His communication skills are excellent and couple well with his keen design sensibilities. His programming strength reinforce the GVSA project approach that places a strong emphasis on listening to the client’s needs and providing innovation of design via creative programming. Design begins with conversation, not a first drawing, and Brian’s skills are catalytic to this process. His design development and recommendations are often founded in innovative research through his investigative talents. Talents that have been applied to many project types including healthcare, K-12, university, adaptive re-use, museums, aviation, and others. 

Jay Leach


GVSA is proud to have Jay on our team with his rare combination of skills that both organize and execute multiple tasks, while also employing a very strong innate design ability. Jay performs as Project Designer & Project Architect, and is very advanced with his use of technology as a digital narrative. He enhances any project through his leadership, and his experience covers a wide range of building types including mixed-use, multi-family, K-12 and more. Jay has been the lead design force on the GVSA, 24-level, 818 West Marietta project,a high-rise condominium design in Atlanta’s West Midtown. 

Jeff Morrison, AIA, LEED


Jeff, as a Project Manager & Project Designer, is methodical and meticulous in his approach with architectural problem solving. He has a background in hands-on construction of his own architectural designs, as well as artworks & craft, all lending a certain kind of precision to the outcome of his solutions. He shares the GVSA concern for connecting individual structures to their surrounds to support the essence of place making. Project types in Jeff’s portfolio are varied and include K-12, university, aviation, art installations, and others within metro Atlanta. Most recently, he produced multiple schemes for the 818 West Marietta project’s parking structure to assist the owner with complicated cost & benefit analysis. 

Jason Wright, AIA

Jason is extremely adept at the use of Revit and other, advanced, documentation software and possesses a unique ability to dive deep into the programs to boost productivity and capability at GVSA. This also enables GVSA to better share computer models with consultants, architects, Owners and Contractors across the nation to facilitate faster, more complete and better-coordinated design and documentation. Jason has spent many of his years designing, detailing and overseeing construction on Multi-family projects both new and adaptive re-use. He also has used his talents on K-12 projects and community buildings while greatly enhancing GVSA’s delivery abilities on the Mercedes Benz Stadium.