ATLANTA FALCONS Corporate Offices

A 70,000-seat stadium includes a large amount of space between the lowest field level to the upper most underside of the first tiered seating. After careful consideration upon development of the stadium concept plans, the Falcons decided to relocate their operations to the inner city from the suburbs. The perfect place of convenience was to explore possibilities inside the new Mercedes Benz Stadium.

To facilitate their interest, GVSA was hired as the prime architect to directly work with the Falcons. A programming effort would have to be met with certainty and began through analysis of their existing Flowery Branch headquarters. Once their needs and anticipated growth was determined, a space within the stadium would be determined and explored with several factors of concern to address. Ultimately, a space in and around massive columns and mechanical rooms on three separate levels became the most cost worthy option.

GVSA paralleled computer studies and space analysis to show the depth of the spaces and intensity of natural lighting. Compartmentalizing of the various divisions within the organization would have to coincide with the ownership acquiring a soccer team that would also share in the allotted programmed space. After multiple concepts to facilitate over 300 people, the parameters of the space were set, and the charge given from the ownership side to provide the best NFL corporate offices than any other.

What was thought to be an encumbrance and interruption to work flow ended up providing the most unique backdrop for a contemporary corporate office headquarters imagined. A 3-level clear-story entry lobby and other areas with balcony overlooks, presented a uniqueness in and around the mechanics and stadium’s structure. This progressive work environment would include telecommuting, nomadic offices, and a variety of techniques towards an inspired, sustainable work place. One who’s mission would be to attract and retain employees to be part of the team.






The Atlanta Falcons


Atlanta, Georgia


55,000 sf
(Offices by GVSA)
1,900,000 sf
(Total Project)


(Offices by GVSA)
(Total Project)