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Amana Academy Has a New Bioswale

Amana Academy has a new bioswale! Bioswales are a fantastic addition to any campus, as they not only assist with stormwater management but also provide educational and recreational opportunities. GVSA has been a long-time partner with Amana Academy, we are excited about the new addition to their campus. Amana Academy and GVSA’s commitment to sustainability and creating a greener environment is commendable.  The outdoor classroom environment is a great way to engage students with nature and promote experiential learning. Here’s to a successful and eco-friendly school year for the students at Amana Academy, as they enjoy their new outdoor space!

Peace Academy Ribbon Cutting

Peace Academy is ready for the 2023 school year!

Charter schools leveraging the experience and knowledge of leading educators, have the best current methodology in education. The new PEACE academy charter school is the only charter-approved public school in the entire state of Georgia with an Afrocentric and culturally inclusive curriculum.  GVSA, in association with Carroll Daniel was charged with bringing their vision of an inclusive and diverse community exposed to new critical thinking experiences to built life.  The first step in that vision is through environmental impact.

Finding its home in a shopping center along a prominent throughway in Decatur, the school’s location places it firmly in the community.  To bring that same experience of “community” into the learning space, there are two “forum” spaces which encourage and foster community and social learning critical in today’s digital life culture.  Other impactful spaces within the school are large classrooms with integrated technological teaching tools for flexible teaching styles.

Currently educating kindergarten through third grade, the interior is accented with bright colors on walls and floors, and bright lighting.  Enhancing the safety of the students, there are no exterior windows except in the lobby to bring in natural light.  Each classroom has viewing windows facing the well-lit corridors and forum spaces. As the educational grades grow to include all middle school aged students, the interior environment will grow and change.  #gvsa #goodevanslyke #goodevanslykearchitecture #carrolldaniels #peaceacademy #charterschools

Fulton County Executive Airport’s New Administration Building Ribbon Cutting

GVSA attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new administration building at Fulton County Executive Airport (FTY). Fulton County Executive Airport, also known as Brown Field, is an important general aviation facility in the metro Atlanta area. It serves many corporate clients and is the third-busiest airport in the region. The addition of a new administration building is likely to enhance the airport’s services and facilities for both businesses and travelers.


We are excited to announce the opening of a new office location!

We are excited to announce the opening of a new office location!  As we continue to grow and expand our business, we are proud to extend our reach and provide even better service to our Clients.  We’ve opened a new office in the heart of downtown Raleigh.  This is in addition to our offices in Atlanta and Greensboro, NC.  Our team is thrilled about the opportunities this new location will bring. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our new office.  Thank you for your continued support and trust in our company.  

Best In Atlanta Real Estate Awards – Atlanta Business Chronicle

The Thrive Sweet Auburn Project is one the three finalists in the Best In Residential category of the Best in Atlanta Real Estate Awards.

The Thrive Sweet Auburn development brings 117 units of mixed affordable and supportive housing with 16,000 sf of co-working and office space to the historic Sweet Auburn district of Downtown Atlanta.  The project is a partnership between GVSA by Mercy Housing, one of the nation’s largest affordable housing developers. Mercy teamed with Project Community Connections, an outreach organization specializing in the permanent rehousing of families experiencing homelessness, to develop a solution to both the lack of cost-effective housing in the downtown area and to help families burdened by homelessness to achieve self-sufficiency.  The exterior design brings a distinctive character to the area with a mindfulness of the district’s history through its careful use and integration of materials and massing.  The interior design and layout of the spaces have beed developed to foster a sense of community by physically linking the new home office of PCCI with supportive housing above to form a codified bond between the residents and the supportive office.  Additional co-working space on site, the relationship between residence and productivity is further synergized through the creation of a wholistic live/work solution.

Savannah’s Enmarket Arena Now Open

The Enmarket Arena in Savannah, Georgia, is now open and is being hailed as the largest public works project in the city’s history. This new venue, which officially opened on February 5th, is expected to bring a wide range of music, sports, and entertainment experiences to Southern Georgia. The opening ceremony, which included a community day and ribbon-cutting event, attracted hundreds of attendees.

One of the architectural firms involved in the design of the Enmarket Arena is Goode Van Slyke Architecture, which is based in Atlanta. GVSA served as an associate architect on the project, working alongside the design lead firm Perkins&Will. Their contributions to the project included designing various aspects of the building, including non-public areas like operations offices and visitor lockers, as well as many of the public areas located on the concourse and overlook levels. This collaboration between architectural firms has resulted in the creation of a significant new entertainment and sports venue for the Savannah community.